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Our Roll shop which is often called Southern Roll and Urethane has provided the Manufacturing industry with rubber rollers and urethane products since the early 1960s.  Steel mills across Alabama have depended on Dixie Precision to provide quality rubber rollers and quick turn around service on regrinding services and rubber  roller repairs.

                            INDUSTRIAL ROLLS   & ROLLERS

Recovers, Covers,   Regrinds, Grinds, Journal repair,   Bearing Work,  
Roll resurfacing, Balancing,  New Cores, Shaft repair
 Dixie Precision Inc.’s  roll shop  has been covering rolls for more than 35 year. We have many roll coverings and the machining capabilties to meet your needs

Specializing in covering rollers of all sizes,  we have the equipment to handle rolls as small as 2 inches in diameter  up to rolls as large as 54 inches in diameter and 248 inches long.

Dixie Precision covers rollers for almost any application.  We serve many industries, from paper mills to the steel mills and all points in between.  Our roll coverings are found in all types of mills and plants: textiles,  wood finishing, food processing, meat processing, printing, paper converting, metal coating, chemical processing, waste treatment.....the list goes on and on.

We use all types of compounds for our roll coverings-rubber, silicone, Viton,  fiber,     nitriles neoprenes, urethane.  And we also finish the rolls to customer specifications.  Our finishings range from  a highly polished straight finish to intricately grooved patterns.

Dixie Precision is a complete machine shop,  we have the capabilities to design and build new cores,  repair damaged cores and to even rebuild rolls to meet your specifications.  We also provide cast urethane products as well as a complete line  of machine shop services.

                           We static and dynamically balance rolls. 

            Our  20 ton balancing machine's capabiltiy is  105" x 20'. 

Dixie Precision Inc.  specializes in recovering and regrinding of rubber rolls of all sizes. Dixie Precision  manufactures rubber rollers, steel rollers, replacement rubber coverings. Dixie Precision has the  equipment to handle rubber rollers as small as 2” in diameter and as large as 54 inches in up to diameter and 326" long.  At Dixie Precision we mill our own rubber, so we are able to offer a variety of roll covering materials. Our large job shop allows us to do all machine work on the premises.  Rolls can be  balanced in house.  Smooth or intricate ....let us grind your rubber covered roller.  Big or little...let us recover your industrial roll..

We are  unique in the roll cover industry.  We are a one-source company responsible for every aspect of specified rolls from start to finish.  Our large job shopshop allows us to design and construct cores in-house, assuring total quality control at each point in the manufacturing process.  
 We look forward to the opportunity to serve your company.    If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us.  

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your company.    If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us.  

      John Oliver           President 
      Mike Tittle            Machine  Production Mgr.
      Ken Carroll           Urethane Mgr.  

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, serving the Southeast and the entire nation for over 30 years. Call us at 205-841-8400 for you roller needs

205-841-8400      fax 205-841-3004        DIXIE PRECISION INC.      4137 Lewisburg Rd, Bham, Al. 35207  


rubber covered roll in Birmingham Alabama rubber roll  rubber roller



Here are some of the questions that have been asked of us.  Will Dixie Precision recover wringer rolls?   Is the rubber milled from scratch in Birmingham, alabama.  Does Dixe Precision refurbish awning rollers?  Will you repair conveyor rollers?   What kind of machine work can you do in your Birmingham plant?  Will you recoat a silicon roller?  How long has Dixie Precision been static  balancing rollers. ....dymanic balancing rollers

Dixie Precision manufactures new rollers, fabricate cores, repairs and refurbishes existing rollers. 

Our Roll shop is laid out in a horse shoe formation.  Incoming rollers follow this horse shop pattern for an efficient processing.

Rolls are inspected and dissambled if needed. , If necessary  journals are repeaired. Bearings are removed if appropirate.  If the surface is deemed grindable the roll will be reground.  If the cover is not regrindable then the roll will neet a new rubber covering.  The rubber will be milled to your specs, the freshly milled rubber will be applied to your roller and then cured in our large autoclaves.  After the curing process the industrial roller  is given a finish grinding and/or polishing. If your roller requires balancing it can be done at this point.There is a final inspection and roll is re-assemblied and properly crated to withstand transportation.    see more rubber roller information and photos at:




      Dynamcially balance  industrial rollers



Bridal Rolls

Pinch Rolls

Accumulator Rolls

Squege Rolls

Table Rolls

Dixie Precision provides Industrial Roller Repair 

Complete replacement of broken journals

Idle end Journal Repair

Drive end Journal Repair

Complete Journal Repair servies

Complete repair of broken shafts

Regroove your  rubber roller finish

Weld up and precision turn to original size

precision machining and close tolerances

Regrinding of existing rubber

Complete rubber resurfacing

Complete roller re surfacing

     Let Dixie Precision refurbish your industrial rolls.

      Dixie Precision repairs Industrial Rollers.


Industrial Rolls Refurbished.

Dixie Precision builds New Cores

Industrial Roller Cores 

If your roller is not repairable then we can build a new core in our machine shop.   If you have an engineering drawing we can build it per that drawing.  If you do not have a drawing Dixie Precsion can reverse engineer it from the existing old roller.  Our 48,000 square feet job shop machine shop provides preicsion machining  and holds close tolerances, both on CNC and manual machinies.

 After the machining of your new core we  send it to our roll shop where we can provide a  variety of roll coverings and rubber compounds.

Since we mill our own rubber we can cover your new core with the roll covering of your choice.   We also offer Urethane and metal coverings.

We have the capaiblities to provide a variety of finishes, from smooth to intricate designs, such as porcupine grooving.

Let Dixie Precision machine your new core.

4137 Lewisburg Rd
Birmingham 35207
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