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Dixie Precision  Cast Urethane  Birmingham Alabama

Our full service urethane department can cast urethane from 20 Shore A to 60 Shore D.  We have three ovens to cure many parts at the same time. Our 100 square foot oven can cure large urethane parts.

Whether it's urethane prototypes, production runs, or custom cast urethane our Birmingham shop can do it. Our in house machine shop can machine large and small molds.

Typical Cast Products:

  • Urethane Idle Rollers
  • Urethane Nip Rollers
  • Urethane Press Rolls
  • Urethane Print Rollers
  • Urethane Applicator Rolls
  • Urethane Conveyor Rolls
  • Urethane Wear Pads
  • Urethane V Rolls
  • Urethane Hold Down Rings
  • Urethane Edge Trimmers
  • Urethane Hourglass Rolls
  • Urethane Shoot Tubes
  • Urethane Gas Plugs
  • Urethane Seals
  • Urethane Bearings
  • Urethane Bushings
  • and many more

Our urethane produts supply a variety of industries.

  • Pipe Mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Print Media
  • Hydropower
  • Coal Power
  • and many more