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Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Dies

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Dixie Precision is a complete machine shop providing a full range of large turning and milling capabilities. Dixie Precision specializes in recovering and regrinding of rubber rolls of all sizes. 
Dixie Precision can cast custom urethane parts, make custom molds, and urethane production runs.Dixie Precision has provided America's Wire
Industry with wire drawing dies since 1970.
We have 48,000 square feet of lathes, mills and bars, and support equipment. With precision machining, close tolerances one of our specialties is large fan shafts in Alabama and through out the United States.   

We have both manual and CNC machinery. Our overhead crane systems allow us to handle loads upwards to 30,000 lbs.
We have  the equipment to handle rubber rollers as small as 2” in diameter and as large as 54 inches in diameter and up to 326" long.  We mill our own rubber, so we are able to offer a variety of roll covering materials. Our large job shop allows us to do all machine work, including roll journal repairs and building new cores, on the premises.  Rolls can be balanced in our house.  From 20 Shore A to 60 Shore D, we can handle all of your urethane needs. We have three ovens to cure everything from urethane shoot tubes to urethane industrial rollers. We  polish and size, re size  tungsten carbide wire drawing dies. Dixie Precision can provide you with rough cores. We sell both  finished wire dies and offer recutting services.


Wire drawing dies sizes: R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 cases 

Chrome Rollers Birmingham, AlabamaBig Rollers, small rubber Rolls Birmingham Alabama                                               INDUSTRIAL ROLLER REPAIR                      
                                     RUBBER ROLLERS & RUBBER COVERED ROLLS 

Rolls...Rolls...Rolls.....deflector, holddown, chrome, nip roll,  pinch, wringer, bridle,  applicator,  paint, accumulator, idle, gravure, furnace, table, pain, glue spreader, laminator roller, strids, meat packing rolls, chemicals, squeegee, acrylic, chemtreat, side trimmer, pinch rolls, journal repairs, bearings refurbished...the list goes on an on. We also have in house capabilites for dynamic balancing of rubber and urethane rolls.

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, serving the Southeast and the entire nation for over 30 years. Call us at 205-841-8400 for you roller needs.
roller journal repair Birmingham alabama
 A complete machine shop provides a full range of large turning and milling capabilities. We have 48,000 square feet of lathes, mills and bars, and support equipment. With precision machining, close tolerances of large fan shaft is one of our specialties. Our large fan shafts are delivered throughout the United States. We have both manual and CNC machinery. Our overhead crane systems allows us to handle loads upwards to 30,000 lbs. 
Large Industrial Fan Shafts Machined Dixie Precision Birmingham Alabama
                      T U R N I N G           .                 M I L L I N G   &   B O R I N G                        S U P P O R T 
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Mazak Integrex 50Y CNC Lathe with 4th Axis 28" x 80"
Ikegai CNC turning center  30” x 160”
Mazak CNC turning center  20” x 40”
Supermax Engine Lathe w/Digital Readouts
Lodge & Shipley Engine Lathe
Monarch Engine Lathe
AxelsonEngine Lathe
Leblond Engine Lathe
Cincinnati Engine Lathe
Weipert Engine Lathe
VDF Engine Lathe
Lodge and Shipley Heavy Duty Lathe
Lansing Engine Lathe
Axelson Engine Lathe
VDF Engine Lathe
Schaerer Engine Lathe
Axelson Engine Lathe with 36 foot bed
Niles Engine Lathe
Heyligenstaedt Engine Lathe with 60" swing
Swing Bullard Vertical  Boring mill 72"Under Rail
Swing Rafamet Vertical Boring Mill 64" Under Rail
Warner and Swasey 3A Turret Lathes
Enshu Vertical CNC milling  center  30” x 60”
Cincinnati Horizontal Mill with 12" x 60" Table
Cincinnati Horizontal Mill with 15" x 78" Table
Bridgeport Vertical Mills with Digital Readouts
Cincinnati Vertical Mill with 28" x 75" Table
Cincinnati Vertical Mill with 19" x 72" Table
Cincinnati Hytrotel Vretical Mill with 28" x  96" Table
Forged De Gilley Horizontal Boring Mill w/ Digital Readouts
Bullard Horizontal Boring Mill w/ 60" Rotary table & Readouts
Giddings and Lewis Horizontal Boring Mill
60" x 146" Table and Digital Readouts
48" x 144" Gray Planer Mill
Schenck 20 ton balancing machine  105" x 20 '
Gardner Surface Grinder
12" Powermatic Drill Press
Morris Radial Drill
American Radial Drill Press
Burgmaster Model 2BH Automatic Drill
D.C. Morrision Key Seater-1 1/4" capacity
Mitts and Merrill Key Seater 2" capacity
Waldrich & Coburn Hydraulics Slotter w/34" Stroke
Rockford Slotter Hydraulic 36" Stroke
16" Smith and Mills Shaper
18" Vertical Band Saw
Model #14 Wellsaw 16" Capacity w/ Auto Feed
Pattern Burner with Plasma
Sunnen Honer
7 1/2 Ton Overhead Cranes
3 Ton Overhead Cranes
Eddy Probe testing
Mechanical runout testing
Gauss testing
Misc. Welding equipment

We have proudly served America's manufacturing industry for over 30 years.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your company.    If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us.  
      John Oliver           President 
      Mike Tittle            Machine  Production Mgr.
      Ken Carroll           Urethane Mgr.
      Tom Oliver            Department Coordinator